Life Groups

Life Groups at SML

Life Groups are central to SML’s vision to ‘thrive in healthy, love-filled community’. In a church of our size, Life Groups can help build a sense of belonging, and so we encourage regular members of SML to join.

In Life Groups we grow as disciples and build community; we are shaped by Jesus, and encourage one another to reach out.

Although each group has its own identity, if you join a Life Group you can expect to:

  • study the Bible
  • worship and pray together
  • form lasting friendships
  • find a place of support and accountability

SML has over 20 Life Groups, the majority of which meet in the evenings during the week. Most groups meet on a fortnightly basis.

SML Life Groups offer a place...

Of belonging, in which to build strong friendships and where deep sharing can occur.

To encounter God in worship, silence, study, reflection and prayer.

Of growth, personality and corporately, both in numbers and in faith.


More details

SML has over 30 Life Groups, arranged into a number of clusters. The majority of these groups are mixed all-age groups, but we also have a cluster of women-only groups, most of which meet during the day, with some in the evening. We also have groups especially for those who are students or in their 20s.

How do I join a Life Group?

If you would like to join a Life Group, please fill in a Life Group Card which can be found in the reception area of church. If you haven’t already done so, it will also be helpful to fill in a welcome card. These can also be found at the back of church.