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Reach Ministries has three strands:




Soup Run

In the evening on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sunday of every month a team of volunteers prepare and serve sandwiches for homeless men and women in Poole Town Centre.

Poole Food Bank

The Food Bank provides 3 days worth of food to the who are in crisis and have no money for food. To access a food parcel, a voucher must first be obtained from a local agency such as a local GP surgery, the council or CAB. At SML, there is a collection at the back of Church to donate food to the Food Bank.

Food Bank Cookery Classes

This is a 6 week course, that runs at different times throughout the year, aiming to encourage healthy, balanced eating. It also teaches basic cooking skills, nurturing a sense of community amongst participants.

Community Lunch

The Community Lunch at SML happens on the 1st Wednesday of each month, some of the more isolated members of the community come along to enjoy a cooked lunch.

Flu Jab Clinic Cafe

A cafe running during the annual flu jab clinic in the neighbouring doctors surgeries. Anyone who has had a jab can come in and get a free cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

The Cafe@SML

A weekly cafe, running every Thursday from 10am-12pm in the Church. We'd love to see you there.


SMILE Connect

A community group and support network for lone parent families. A dedicated team of volunteers have made SMILE Connect a place of acceptance, love and fun!


MARS stands for Modelling Active Relationship Skills. 

We are a charity that provides a series of workshops in schools t equip young people with vital relationship skills, enabling them to build and sustain positive relationships in all areas of life.



Samara's Aid

We have previously collected special 'care packs' for Samara's Aid, which seek the relief of suffering through the provision of humanitarian aid in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Trip to France

We have run five trips taking donations to refugees camped in Northern France and we will be exploring how best to address the needs of refugees in Europe.

Churches Together in Poole

We are part of a wider discussion with Churches Together in Poole as to how best meet the needs of refugees and asylum seekers in our local area.

Advocacy and Campaigns

As well as meeting practical needs, we wish to address structures and systems. We are still working out how this looks, so if you have any ideas, do get in touch.


Outreach Prayers | Every Thursday at 1pm
All our REACH ministries are underpinned by prayer.
Everyone is welcome to join us as we meet every week to pray for our mission and outreach, currently on Zoom.
Contact Rachel Dismorr for the details and to join.