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Talks Pre-June 2020

Choose Thankfulness
Andy Perry, 14/06/2020
Mark Hay, 07/06/2020
Pentecost Sunday
Christy Wimber, 31/05/2020
A Time To Come Home
Matt King, 24/05/2020
A Time To Pray
Andy Perry, 17/05/2020
A Time To Trust
Mark Hay, 10/05/2020
Strange and Surprising
Andy Perry, 26/04/2020
Mark Hay, 12/04/2020
Irrepressible Hope
Andy Perry, 12/04/2020
Jesus as King
Matt King, 05/04/2020
Mark Hay, 29/03/2020
Trust - In a Time of Crisis
Andy Perry, 22/03/2020
Sex before Marriage
Rob Sallis, 15/03/2020
Mark Hay, 15/03/2020
Compassionate Healer
Mark Hay, 08/03/2020
C21 Fasting
Bob Payne, 08/03/2020
Truthful Revealer
Andy Perry, 01/03/2020
Temptation (All-Age Worship)
Mark Hay & Will Triffitt, 01/03/2020
Rachel Dismorr, 01/03/2020
Bigger and Better?
Jeff Adams, 23/02/2020
Capitulating to Complacency?
Mark Hay, 23/02/2020
Focusing on 'One'?
Fi Perry, 16/02/2020
Conquering through Obedience
Andy Perry, 16/02/2020
Confused? Less is More
Matt King, 09/02/2020
Andy Du Feu, 02/02/2020
Changing The Family Altar
Emily Duffy & Rob Sallis, 02/02/2020
Changing the Family Altar
Andy Perry, 02/02/2020
Size and Success?
Sam Voyle, 26/01/2020
Calling out Potential
Tessa Nisbet, 26/01/2020
A Heart for the Nations
Jason and Claire Stonier, 19/01/2020
Reaching Overseas
Rachel Dismorr, 19/01/2020
Hold On?
Mark Hay, 12/01/2020
Thriving Community
Andy Perry, 12/01/2020
Investing Well?
Rachel Dismorr, 05/01/2020
Running Your Race
Sam Voyle, 05/01/2020
Running your Race
Mark Hay, 05/01/2020
Travel Wisely
Jeff Adams, 29/12/2019
Midnight Communion
Matt King, 24/12/2019
Open To Surprises
Paul Eaton, 22/12/2019
Carols By Candlelight
Andy Perry, 16/12/2019
Good Hope
James Bright, 15/12/2019
The Branch
Fi Perry, 08/12/2019
Awake to the Future
Mark Hay, 08/12/2019
Marks of Freedom
Andy Perry, 01/12/2019
The Son of Man
Rachel Dismorr, 24/11/2019
Free in the Spirit
Mark Hay, 24/11/2019
The Second Adam
Mark Hay, 17/11/2019
Stand Free
Andy Perry, 17/11/2019
Mark Hay, 10/11/2019
Why Job died happy
Amy Bilson, 03/11/2019
Free as One
Andy Perry, 03/11/2019
Why might God remain Silent?
Andy Perry, 27/10/2019
Law or Liberty?
Michael Cuthbertson, 27/10/2019
Why doesn't God Intervene?
Rachel Dismorr, 20/10/2019
Freedom Fighter
Mark Hay, 20/10/2019
Is God Unfair?
Mark Hay, 13/10/2019
The Liberating Gospel
Andy Perry, 13/10/2019
Honesty Over Silence - Anxiety & Depression
Andy Perry & Will Triffitt, 06/10/2019
Harvest - Steward Well
Mark Hay, 06/10/2019
Step Out
Jeff Adams, 29/09/2019
The Generous Giver
Sam Voyle, 22/09/2019
Spirit-Filled Evangelism
Matt King, 22/09/2019
The Wounded Healer
Mark Hay, 15/09/2019
Serve Courageously
Rachel Dismorr, 15/09/2019
Stay Salty
Mark Hay, 08/09/2019
Ruth - Trusting God's Goodness
Mark Hay, 01/09/2019
Emily Duffy & Sam Voyle, 01/09/2019
Mark Hay, 01/09/2019
Andy Perry, 28/08/2019
Gideon - Overcoming as an Underdog
Jeff Adams, 18/08/2019
Paul Bradbury, 18/08/2019
Rachel Dismorr, 11/08/2019
Andy Perry, 11/08/2019
Andy Perry, 04/08/2019
Miriam Elliott & Mark Hay, 28/07/2019
Stress At Work
James Bright, 28/07/2019
Sam Voyle and Andy Perry, 21/07/2019
Influencing Workplace Culture
James Bright, 21/07/2019
Listening To His Leadings
Justin Tomkins, 14/07/2019
Matt King, 07/07/2019
Relationships at Work
James Bright, 07/07/2019
Redefining Failure
Mark Hay, 30/06/2019
Passion For Your Calling
Henry Barnett & Rachel Dismorr, 23/06/2019
Work Matters
Simon Gardner, 16/06/2019
I Will Pour Out My Spirit
Andy Perry, 09/06/2019
Andy Perry, 02/06/2019
Asking for More of the Spirit
Andy Perry, 02/06/2019
Placement Students, 26/05/2019
When People Insult
Andy Perry, 26/05/2019
Henry Barnett, 19/05/2019
The Persecuted
Mark Hay, 19/05/2019
What Is The Spirit Saying?
Christy Wimber, 12/05/2019
Mark Hay, 12/05/2019
Rachel Dismorr, 05/05/2019
The Peacemakers
Sam Voyle, 05/05/2019
The Peacemakers
Jeff Adams, 05/05/2019
The Merciful - Evening
Matt King, 28/04/2019
The Merciful
Matt King, 28/04/2019
Easter Sunday - Early
Andy Perry, 21/04/2019
Good Friday
Mark Hay, 19/04/2019
Peter's Denial
Paul Bradbury, 14/04/2019
Pure in Heart
Andy Perry, 14/04/2019
What Is It You Want?
Jeff Adams, 07/04/2019
Bishop Alistair Magowan, 07/04/2019
Guard What Has Been Entrusted
Henry Barnett, 31/03/2019
Mothering Sunday
James Bright, 31/03/2019
...The Love of Money
Placement Students, 24/03/2019
Those who Hunger & Thirst
Andy Perry, 24/03/2019
What About Slaves, Paul?
Mark Hay, 17/03/2019
The Meek
Andrew Cullis, 17/03/2019
Lent - Give Up/Take Up
Mark Hay, 10/03/2019
Those Who Mourn
Andy Perry, 10/03/2019
Train Yourself
Henry Barnett, 03/03/2019
Poor In Spirit
Andrew Cullis, 03/03/2019
Pillar & Foundation
Mark Hay & Miriam Elliott, 24/02/2019
Word On Fire
Matt King, 24/02/2019
Leadership Under The Microscope
Andy Perry, 17/02/2019
Planning the Unthinkable
Michael Cuthbertson, 17/02/2019
Honesty Over Silence - Heaven and Hell
Mark Hay, 10/02/2019
New Deal
Andy Perry, 10/02/2019
What About Women, Paul?
Fi Perry, 03/02/2019
Love Without Limits
Michael Cuthbertson, 03/02/2019
Global Prayer in The Local Church
Mark Hay, 27/01/2019
Engaging Across Generations
Andy Perry, 27/01/2019
Radical Grace
Rachel Dismorr, 20/01/2019
Where Belonging Matters
Mark Hay, 20/01/2019
Honesty Over Silence - Ambition
Andy Perry, 13/01/2019
Passionate for God's Word
Sandra Tebbutt, 13/01/2019
How Will You Grow In 2019?
Henry Barnett, 06/01/2019
Growing in 2019
Sam Voyle, 06/01/2019
Growing in 2019
Paul Eaton, 06/01/2019
Is This The Place?
Andy Perry, 30/12/2018
Is That The Time?
Michael Cuthbertson, 23/12/2018
Carols by Candlelight
Andy Perry, 17/12/2018
Honesty Over Silence - Body Image
Hayley Hills, 09/12/2018
How Can I Be Sure?
Andrew Cullis, 09/12/2018
Future Hope
Michael Cuthbertson, 02/12/2018
Tiresome Intruders
Henry Barnett, 25/11/2018
Coming King
Mark Hay, 25/11/2018
Challenging Lifestyle
Matt King, 18/11/2018
Potter's Wheel
Andy Perry, 18/11/2018
Honesty Over Silence - Navigating Loss
Andy Perry & Miriam Elliott, 11/11/2018
The Fire of God's Jealousy
Mark Hay, 04/11/2018
Roots and Shoots
Emily Duffy & Team, 04/11/2018
Roots and Shoots
James Bright, 04/11/2018
Love-fueled Compassion
Jeff Adams, 28/10/2018
Incomparable God
Mark Hay, 28/10/2018
Surprising Healing
Emily Duffy, Will and Lauren, 21/10/2018
At The Crossroads
Andy Perry, 21/10/2018
Honesty Over Silence - Pornography
Henry Barnett, 14/10/2018
Unlikely Prophet
Michael Cuthbertson, 14/10/2018
Jeremiah - The God Who Feels
Michael Cuthbertson, 02/10/2018
Jeremiah - The God Who Speaks
Michael Cuthbertson, 25/09/2018
Radical Faith
Youth, 07/10/2018
Andy Perry, 07/10/2018
Heart Priorities
Rachel Dismorr, 30/09/2018
The One Who Calls is Faithful
Andy Perry, 30/09/2018
Awe-inspiring Vision
Justin Tomkins, 23/09/2018
Give Thanks
Justin Tomkins, 23/09/2018
Psalm 133 - All Age
Emily, Henry and Lauren, 02/09/2018
Psalm 133 - 8:45am
James Bright, 02/09/2018
Potential Named
Henry Barnett, 16/09/2018
Pray Continually
Mark Hay, 16/09/2018
Honesty Over Silence - Social Media
Mark Hay, 09/09/2018
Rejoice Always
Justin Tomkins, 09/09/2018
Psalm 150
Mark Hay, 02/09/2018
Psalm 122
Justin Tomkins, 26/08/2018
Psalm 119
Mark Hay, 26/08/2018
Psalm 91
Fi Perry, 19/08/2018
Psalm 84
Andy Perry, 19/08/2018
Psalm 42
Henry Barnett, 12/08/2018
Psalm 37
Andy Perry, 12/08/2018
Psalm 23
Justin Tomkins, 05/08/2018
Psalm 8
Justin Tomkins, 29/07/2018
Psalm 1
Andy Perry, 29/07/2018
Matt King, 22/07/2018
The Spirit Who Satisfies
Mark Hay, 22/07/2018
The Spirit and World Mission
Paul Taylor, 15/07/2018
Mark Hay, 08/07/2018
The Spirit and Community
Justin Tomkins, 08/07/2018
The Spirit of Justice and Compassion - All Age
Will Triffitt, 01/07/2018
The Spirit of Justice and Compassion
Andy Perry, 01/07/2018
Students & 20's, 24/06/2018
The Spirit and Discovery
Justin Tomkins, 24/06/2018
Justin Tomkins, 17/06/2018
The Spirit and Sonship
Mark Hay, 17/06/2018
But God...
Andy Perry, 27/05/2018
The Spirit Who Refreshes
Justin Tomkins, 27/05/2018
Jesus - Ask For The Holy Spirit
Ian Paul, 20/05/2018
Who's The Thief?
Markus Mak, 13/05/2018
Left To Their Own Devices
Katharine Hill, 13/05/2018
Solomon - Heal Their Land
Markus Mak, 06/05/2018
Solomon - Heal Their Land
Andrew Cullis, 06/05/2018
Seven Fat Cows
Youth, 29/04/2018
Jabez - Enlarge My Territory
Andy Perry, 29/04/2018
Close Every Door
Henry Barnett, 22/04/2018
Hannah - Then I Will
Mark Hay, 22/04/2018
Poor, Poor Joseph
Mark Hay, 15/04/2018
Habakkuk - Renew Them In Our Day
Andy Perry, 15/04/2018
8:45am Easter Service
Justin Tomkins, 01/04/2018
Coats And Dreams
Andy Perry, 08/04/2018
Moses - If Your Presence
Justin Tomkins, 08/04/2018
The Communion of Saints
Jude Perring, 25/03/2018
Unblocking Ancient Wells
Andy Perry, 25/03/2018
The Virgin Birth
Justin Tomkins, 18/03/2018
From Antioch to...
Tessa Nisbet, 18/03/2018
The Holy Spirit
Mark Hay, 11/03/2018
Parents - make the most...
Andy Perry, 11/03/2018
If God is for us
Justin Tomkins, 17/09/2017
Drop the Mask
Mark Hay, 11/09/2016