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Working on the Children's ministry team at SML will provide an amazing opportunity to experience what is involved in managing one of the largest Children's ministries in the country. You will be involved in the planning, preparation, and delivery of teaching on a Sunday morning, in midweek groups, and weekly assemblies at Longfleet school.

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Youth Ministry is a massive part of what we do at SML.  We get excited as we journey and disciple young people as they deepen and flourish in their relationship with Jesus. You will be given opportunities to be involved in ; leading teaching sessions, home groups, schools work, mentoring, youth work strategy, youth work practice and the chance to explore new ventures. This will be under the support of our full time youth pastor. We hope to strengthen and equip your youth work toolkit during your year to take with you in to your future ministry.

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Media is an exciting opportunity to get involved with the developing the visual output of the church. You will be involved in helping push the use of media and digital in a large church, with opportunity to develop your photography, videography, graphic design and more technical knowledge with running the visuals for Sunday services and our Live Stream. 


This is an exciting opportunity to get involved hands-on in a large church worship team. You would be working directly with the worship pastor to hone your musical skillset, whether it’s leading, band-leading, playing an instrument, or singing. We’ll also be working on creativity in song arrangement, how to lead a band, organise and pastor a team and lead a congregation into God’s presence.


There are many opportunities to get involved in Outreach ministry. These range from courses such as Alpha and The Recovery Course, groups such as Missional Living and Community Lunch, as well as other events such as Homeless Soup Run and Weekly Cafe. With more events happening throughout the year, you will be able to develop your outreach and evangelism skills and put them to use in a variety of ways.