Sermons and Media Aug 2017

The Holy Spirit
Mark Hay, 11/03/2018
Parents - make the most...
Andy Perry, 11/03/2018
Christ the Son
Tess Nisbet, 04/03/2018
It Takes a Team
Andrew Cullis, 04/03/2018
Vision Sunday
Andy Perry & Team, 25/02/2018
God the Father
Justin Tomkins, 18/02/2018
Andrew Cullis, 18/02/2018
A Hundred Years From Now
Henry Barnett, 11/02/2018
Total Surrender
Justin Tomkins, 11/02/2018
Chain Reaction
Fi Perry, 04/02/2018
Andrew Cullis, 04/02/2018
Youth Led Service
Georgios, Lara, Noah & Erin, 28/01/2018
Travel Differnt
Matt King, 28/01/2018
Run to the Roar
Mark Hay, 21/01/2018
Andy Perry, 21/01/2018
Games of Inches
Henry Barnett, 14/01/2018
Where are you?
Justin Tomkins, 14/01/2018
On a snowy Day
Andy Perry, 07/01/2018
What's new?
James Bright, 07/01/2018
When the time came
Justin Tomkins, 31/12/2017
Midnight Communion
Matt King, 24/12/2017
Pregnant with Hope
Mark Hay, 24/12/2017
Carols by Candlelight
Andy Perry, 18/12/2017
Wild Relatives
Justin Tomkins, 17/12/2017
Soul Songs
Mark Hay, 10/12/2017
Surprising Visitors
Andrew Cullis, 10/12/2017
Unexpected Messages
Andy Perry, 03/12/2017
You only live twice
Justin Tomkins, 26/11/2017
What can I do for you?
Tessa Fuhri, 19/11/2017
Light in the Darkness
Andrew Cullis, 19/11/2017
Have you noticed?
Students & 20s, 12/11/2017
What are you doing here?
Chris Fox, 05/11/2017
Stormy Waters
Michael Cuthbertson, 05/11/2017
Healthy Bodies, Healthy Souls
Andy Perry & Patrick Seal, 29/10/2017
Food for the Soul
Mark Hay, 29/10/2017
Heavy Rain!
Emily Duffy & Fi Perry, 22/10/2017
New Life, Old Rules
Andy Perry, 22/10/2017
How long will you waver?
Mark Hay, 15/10/2017
Believing, not seeing
Justin Tomkins, 15/10/2017
Prophetic Courage
Andy Perry, 08/10/2017
Old Water, New Wine
Michael Cuthbertson, 08/10/2017
...and have breakfast
Mark Hay & Miriam Elliott, 01/10/2017
Creation itself will be liberated
Justin Tomkins, 01/10/2017 me and drink
Henry Barnett, 24/09/2017
More than Conquerors
Andy Perry, 24/09/2017
...all you who are weary
Mark Hay, 17/09/2017
If God is for us
Justin Tomkins, 17/09/2017
...follow me
Amy Bilson, 10/09/2017
The Spirit himself intercedes
Mark Hay, 10/09/2017
...and you will see
Justin Tomkins, 03/09/2017
If children, then heirs
James Bright, 03/09/2017
Drop the Mask
Mark Hay, 11/09/2016