Scientists in Congregations - Faith, Technology and Tomorrow


Faith, Technology and Tomorrow is a project which forms part of Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science, a three-year Durham University project run in partnership with the Church of England.

Justin Tomkins & Joshua Naylor's project, ‘Faith, Technology and Tomorrow’, grows out of SML’s location next to Poole Hospital and two GP surgeries. Eight events are to be held between March and November 2017 and will provide opportunities to explore how Christian faith might illuminate questions of medicine and the environment in tomorrow’s technological context.

The project will enable scientists, medical professionals, engineers and those with no background in science, from church congregations and the wider community to meet together.

A video will then be made available to schools and churches to prompt further investigation and discoveries in the field of science and faith.

The fourth Faith, Technology and Tomorrow event is Wednesday 14th June and will be at the Church Centre with a Medical panel looking at Technology and Medecine. You can find out more information and sign up for the events via the science, faith and you website. Click here to access the website.