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Welcome New Seasons
Andy Perry, 13/08/2017
Clear the Clutter
Justin Tomkins, 06/08/2017 Shine Like Stars
Fiona Perry, 06/08/2017
Pray Slowly
Justin Tomkins, 30/07/2017
Make Room
Mark Hay, 23/07/2017 Imitate Well
Will Perry, 23/07/2017
Harness Time
Andy Perry, 16/07/2017
Claim God's Call
Tessa Fuhri, 09/07/2017 Pursue Healing
Kristina Collins, 09/07/2017
Deepen Friendships
James Bright, 02/07/2017
Choose...a Life Worthy
Mark hay & others, 02/07/2017
Seek First
Andy Perry, 25/06/2017
Choose...What is Best
Mark Hay & Justin Tomkins, 25/06/2017
Encouraged to Serve
Andrew Cullis, 18/06/2017
How to Find Genuine Life?
Henry Barnett, 18/06/2017
Breaking Down Barriers
Mark Hay, 11/06/2017
How to Handle Criticism
Justin Tomkins, 11/06/2017
10.45am - Overflowing
Christy Wimber, 04/06/2017
6.30pm - New Waves
Christy Wimber, 04/06/2017
10.45 am - Elastic Wineskins
Ian Paul, 28/05/2017
6.30pm - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living?
Miriam Elliott Justin Tomkin, 28/05/2017
10.45am - 42-74
Andy Perry, 21/05/2017
6.30pm - How to Love Your Enemies
Mark Hay, 21/05/2017
10.45am - More Precious than Rubies
Emma Pendlebury, 14/05/2017
How to Make Sense of the Old Testament Law?
Justin Tomkins, 14/05/2017
Multi-Coloured Witnesses
Michael Cuthbertson, 07/05/2017
How to Bless the Community?
Henry Barnett & Amy Bilson, 07/05/2017
Praying and Giving that Shakes
Justin Tomkins, 30/04/2017
How to Worship Passionately?
Mark Hay, 30/04/2017
Reigniting Hope
Andy Perry, 23/04/2017
How to Live Under God's Blessing?
Justin Tomkins, 23/04/2017
Infused with Hope
Andy Perry, 16/04/2017
Palm Sunday
Andy Perry, 09/04/2017
Justin Tomkins & Henry Barnett, 09/04/2017
Final Questions
Matt King and Justin Tomkins, 04/04/2017
Stength in Weakness
Michael Cuthbertson, 02/04/2017
Fiona Perry, 02/04/2017
Matt Answers (5)
Matt King, 28/03/2017
Shaping Lives
Justin Tomkins, 26/03/2017
Lauren Goodall, 26/03/2017
Can You Trust the Bible?
Matt King, 21/03/2017
Matt Ansers (4)
Matt King, 21/03/2017
Demolishing Strongholds
Andrew Cullis, 19/03/2017
Jude Perring, 19/03/2017
How Can a Loving God Allow Suffering?
Matt King, 14/03/2017
Justin Answers (3)
Justin Tomkins, 14/03/2017
Confirmation Service
Bishop Karen Gorham, 12/03/2017
Andy Dollerson, 12/03/2017
(9am) Becoming Famous
Andrew Cullis,
Matt Answers (2)
Matt King, 07/03/2017
Science and Faith
Justin Tomkins,
Our Goal to Please
Justin Tomkins, 05/03/2017
Paul Nation, 05/03/2017
Be Prepared to Answer
Matt King, 28/03/2017
Matt Answers
Matt King, 28/03/2017
Justin Tomkins, 26/02/2017
God Uses Cracked Pots
Bishop Alistair Magowan,
You're a Letter
Andy Perry, 19/02/2017
Mark Hay, 19/02/2017
Mark Hay, 06/11/2016
Be Prepared
Justin Tomkins, 06/11/2016
Hope for Justice
Ben Cooley, 30/10/2016
Hope for Justice
Ben Cooley, 30/10/2016
Hard Road Ahead
Justin Tomkins, 23/10/2016
Made for More
Andy Perry, 23/10/2016
Life Classes
Andy Perry, 16/10/2016
...Courage in the Face of Evil
Matt King, 16/10/2016
Life-Changing Encounters
Michael Cuthbertson, 09/10/2016
...If You Had a New Start
Mark Hay, 09/10/2016
Holy Encouragement
Jude Perring, 02/10/2016
How Can We Make a Global Difference
Andy Perry, 02/10/2016
How Can We 'Know Our Why'?
Andy Perry, 25/09/2016
Be Strong in the Grace
Stundents and 20s, 25/09/2016
How Can we Love Difficult People
Andy Perry, 18/09/2016
…Be Brave
Justin Tomkins, 18/09/2016
How can we Respond to Terrorism
Justin Tomkins, 11/09/2016
Drop the Mask
Mark Hay, 11/09/2016
Take Heart , I have overcome the world…
Matt King, 04/09/2016
How can we Respond to Terrorism
Justin Tomkins, 04/09/2016
Take Heart , I have overcome the world…
Matt King, 04/09/2016
…We Will Reap a Harvest
James Bright, 28/08/2016
…All Things Work Together For Good
Mark Hay, 28/08/2016
…Will Renew Their Strength
Andy Perry, 21/08/2016
I Can Do All Things Through Him
Justin Tomkins, 21/08/2016